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Semi-Automated Insulin

This past year, I did my usual weekend traveling to present at various diabetes conferences. On a trip to North Carolina to speak at a JDRF meeting, I brought my 16-year-old daughter along so that we could visit a few colleges. I thought I might impress her by renting something a step up from the usual econo-car. What we got had a slew of gadgets I’d never even heard of, and more dashboard buttons than a 747. As we were heading down the highway jamming out to some Grand Funk Railroad (to be honest, I was jamming—she was rolling her eyes and covering her ears), the car seemed to develop self-awareness. It started beeping every time I approached another car. The steering wheel would turn on its own when I veered toward the side of my lane, and the gas and brake would come to life out of nowhere.

“Dad,” she said condescendingly, “this is one of those self-driving cars!”

“Cool,” I said. “Does that mean I can close my eyes and take a nap?”

Clearly, that was not the case. Technology can assist with things like driving, but it still can’t take the place of a competent driver.

Today, we’re in the

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