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9 veg pretty enough for borders

Beautiful beans


Gorgeous, pale, slightly salmony pink flowers are followed by a decent crop of smooth runner beans that are full of flavour. The blooms are edible and really stand out against the foliage. For a similar

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9 Reliable Cranesbills
Native to the Pyrenees, knotted cranesbills are a dry shade favourite, their informal growth spreading by rhizomes. This cultivar bears flowers of glowing violet-pink against glossy foliage from June to October. HxS: 24x20in (60x50cm). Sometimes know
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Garden Spray Guns
IT sounds a bit Goldilocks to say this, but there seems to be either too much rain or too little. It’s never exactly right – but then, what may be right for one garden will be wrong for another. How much you need to water your plants to keep them ali
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Beauty Queens
IDENTIFYING bumblebees isn’t all that easy because the queens, males and workers often have different markings and face colours. Size varies, too. The first bees to emerge from the nest are often tiny, but as the colony develops more food becomes ava