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blade of sunlight cuts through a gap between the shade and the window frame and lands on the couch cushion next to me; within minutes my cat, Miamo, has intercepted it with her left flank. All cats are expert solar trackers, intuitively migrating throughout the day to ensure an optimal angle

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Beer Ingredients
Beer is the alchemical result of converting cereal grain starch to sugar (“malting”); steeping the grain in hot water (“mashing”); and then boiling, fermenting, and packaging the liquid. Malted barley is the most common form of malt; typically, brewe
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How to Make Pro-Caliber Ice Cream
When we think about ice cream, we usually think about flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and strawberry. But what makes or breaks great ice cream is texture—how smooth, cold, and refreshing it feels in your mouth. Getting it right hinges on
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Quick Tips
If Rose Smythe of San Francisco, Calif., spills oil or accidently drops an egg, she cleans up the mess with salt. She covers the spill with a generous amount of table or kosher salt (for eggs, she removes any large shell pieces first) and lets the mi