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A Thermometer for Multitaskers

You’re hungry, but your food is taking forever to cook. You open the oven or grill every few minutes, insert your thermometer, and your food is still not the correct temperature. It’s a double-edged sword: The more you open the oven door or lift the grill lid, the longer it will take to cook your food.

Our winning clip-on probe thermometer, the ChefAlarm by ThermoWorks, helps with this problem. It features a probe that is connected by a thin wire to a base that sits outside the grill or oven. The probe is inserted into the food you’re cooking, and the base displays the temperature, allowing you to monitor food without opening the oven door or lifting the grill lid. However, you

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If Rose Smythe of San Francisco, Calif., spills oil or accidently drops an egg, she cleans up the mess with salt. She covers the spill with a generous amount of table or kosher salt (for eggs, she removes any large shell pieces first) and lets the mi