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What is it?

This kitchen tool is a 1970s-era egg slicer manufactured in Bulgaria. Unlike the clamshell style long popular in the United States, this 4 by 4-inch upright design cuts eggs into wedges versus slices. To use it, you place a peeled hard-cooked egg in the flower-like plastic cup at its base. Depressing the finger pads on either side of the wires pushes them through the egg in a smooth, satisfying motion to create six even wedges. Best of all, the spring-loaded cutter then lifts the egg from the base of the “well” like a gift on a pedestal. Not only was the tool simple to use, it also produced wedges that were perfectly pristine every time—something I was unable to achieve even with a very sharp knife. –S.D.

DIY Goo Gone

Commercial products such as Goo Gone are effective

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