dune buggies and hot VWs

Seven days and 2,274 miles

My wife and I had relocated to Ottawa, Canada for a work opportunity, arriving with only the basics of household goods and one vehicle. Sadly, I had to leave the Bus back in Idaho. I was starting to miss it when my wife suggested possibly bringing it to Ottawa. I looked at various options such as having it delivered, but it was rather expensive; plus shipping internationally was another problem. That’s how driving it here became the plan. I had intended to make the trip this fall because air-cooled VWs like cool air and so do the vintage VW pilots! As with most plans, things changed when a window of opportunity presented itself to make the trip over the 4th of July. I would fly back to Idaho and my son

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dune buggies and hot VWs3 min de lectureAutomotive
A Few Years Behind
In 1967, when Dune Buggies & hotVWs was launched, it wasn’t uncommon for young Americans to hot rod their cars. These enthusiasts would replace the body of an old Beetle with a buggy shell for instance. The buggy hype was already in full swing by the
dune buggies and hot VWs3 min de lecture
It Was An Inside Job
The year was1966 and I had just purchased a 1956 Oval Window. It was to become my daily driver and the car I would become a Panzer with. I bought the car off an independent little car lot on Harbor Blvd in Anaheim, California. There were many of thes
dune buggies and hot VWs3 min de lecture
Volkstock 2020 The Show That Almost Wasn’t!
With just over a month to plan the 2020 event, GermanToyz Presi- dent Chris Buffington went to work. Once again, picturesque Lake Pleasant was secured as the location. It proved ideal, as it offers plenty of overnight camping spots for those who want