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History of War1 min de lectureInternational Relations
Members of the French Foreign Legion train in the Saudi desert in preparation for the coalition intervention in the Gulf after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. The Iraqi forces were known to have possessed and deployed chemical weapons in recent
History of War3 min de lectureInternational Relations
Timeline Of The... Soviet-afghan War
Unrest grows against the DRA, who kill thousands of political prisoners and fight among themselves. A loose collection of Afghan opposition groups (known as the mujahideen) rebel, which causes the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev to deploy the 40th Army
History of War8 min de lecture
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for the year 991, that summer, Olaf Tryggvason (later king of Norway) sailed with a fleet of 93 ships and raided the English coast. He began in Kent, raiding Folkestone and then Sandwich, and then moved on