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Don’t Let Your Chooks Cook
If you haven’t developed a heatwave plan for your poultry you may be putting their lives at risk. Once the thermometer reaches 30°C they start panting but, if it tops 38°C, luck and the measures you’ve put in place are all that may save them. We have
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What’s hot RIGHT NOW
CHLOE THOMSON A horticulturist, writer and passionate organic gardener, Chloe is co-owner and presenter of the web-based series The Gardenettes and has been a regular presenter on The Garden Gurus. The mother of two little boys, she has a great follo
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Moon Planting
Mid-summer is a time of high productivity but the heat can be very harsh. Protect your plants with some shade and keep the watering consistent if the weather is dry. This month you can start to focus on sowing some cooler-season crops, but you may ne