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SPORT SHOOTING IS expensive, and to compete at the highest level, shooters go to great lengths to source the best ammo components, and spend many hours preparing their cartridge cases to ensure near-perfection.

Quality cases, especially if imported, are not cheap, so reloaders strive to get the longest possible accurate life out of each case. Various factors affect

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Braaied Pigeon Breasts
THE SUN HAD just risen above the horizon when we arrived at the farm. The gold and green sunflowers stretched as far as the eye could see. And, there were pigeons! We drove around the field checking on flight lines and I set up a portable blind in a
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Mauser African Twins
AROUND 1 5, HOPING to increase sales am African settlers and hunters, Mauser oduced the ‘Original Mauser Magazine Sporting Rifle, Special Afr can Type’. It had a 28-inch barrel (more correctly, 700mm) and its stock’s fore-end d nded three-quarters of
Man Magnum6 min de lecture
The Unrecorded Elephant
A FRENCH CLIENT, Philippe Moritz, booked a safari with me to hunt a big elephant with a “beautiful pair of long tusks”. He knew nothing bout record books or the magical hundred-pounder elephant. Prior to his safari, I had met Philippe during a visit