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eep summer hair tangle-free with new (£30, ), containing jojoba, coconut and olive oils to smooth even the wildest of hair. It(£33, ). Silicone free, the mask contains lubricating ingredients to reinforce hairs’ outer layer, while amino acids increase strength and seal cuticles.

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Find Your Flow
Begin standing with your feet hip distance apart. Slide your left foot back into a lunge keeping on the toes of the left foot. Raise your arms reaching high but lower the shoulders away from the ears. Straighten your left leg, push your left hip forw
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“Ayurveda Cured My Migraines”
As a teenager I’d had terrible migraines. They began in puberty and were linked to my monthly cycle, though would frequently strike at other times. Often they were so severe I would end up in hospital on a drip. I followed all the advice from my GP:
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“Set Your Own Goals”
BEFORE LOOKING TO embark on a new or improved fitness regime, it’s good to start by asking yourself what success looks like to you. It’s different for everyone. For some it could be achieving a super toned and lean body, while for others, success cou