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“The Economy of Homemade Bread”


William Laut: I’m taking the next step in my baking by buying a grain mill so I can mill my own flour. Not only does it lower the cost to about 26 cents per pound, but it also preserves the nutrients in wheat that quickly disappear once it’s milled.

Diane Kovach: Sometimes [the economy of homemade bread] is comparative with what you

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Emergency Water Collection Kit
Having the Emergency Water Collection Kit close at hand will help ensure you have the ability to safely gather raw water from almost any source. This kit includes a 5-gallon water collection pail with a lid pitcher scoop for collecting and transferri
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Seed Sources, 510-384-2716; ‘Sunrise Bumblebee’, 207-426-9900; ‘Glacier’, email; ‘Sasha’s Altai’, 866-735-4454; ‘Glacier,’ ‘Moskvich’ www.Jo
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Even in the Upper Midwest — not known for severe summer storms — we occasionally suffer major damage from tornadoes and straight-line winds. Two years ago, heavy rains combined with winds in excess of 80 mph caused the loss of four large trees on our