Though the USA and China have not been shooting missiles at each other, I have been aware for some time that we are in a cold war with them. Even so, I bought quite a few quality Chinese knives. However, the COVID-19 situation is the straw that broke my back, and those days are over. I will do my best to keep from buying anything from China, if I can. I

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Tactical Badge Of Honor
When it’s time for field duty, tactical fixed blades report as ordered. Carrying on the tradition of tough, hard-working tools that live up to the tactical badge of honor, their value and performance are top notch. From light chores to heavy chopping
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Note: Events with an asterisk (*) have knives and knife accessories as the main/sole focus. Events with two asterisks (**) are knifemaking seminars or symposiums, cutting competitions, auctions or other knife-related events. DEC. 4-6 BROOKLYN, PRETOR
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Cover Story
The Knight Hawk made by the RMJ Tactical Special Products Division is a collaboration among RMJ Tactical, ABS master smith Jason Knight and “AJ” at Tactical Elements. Available exclusively through Tactical Elements, the Knight Hawk is a full-tang spi