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Hypnospace Outlaw
Alright, so I’ve gone for a loose theme of space this month—but I never specified what kind of space. And there’s something about Hypnospace Outlaw that’s both comforting and deeply unsettling. It’s pleasant, because it recalls a simpler time of dial
PC Gamer (US Edition)1 min de lecture
The PC Gamer team
Specialist in Alien 3 This month Found a new excuse to go on about how much he loves those aliens whose heads look like rude bits. Specialist in Forgetting realms This month Finally figured out how to spell ‘Drizzt’ and ‘Catti-Brie’ properly. Just in
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True Blood
The relationship between movies and games has always felt frayed. There’s a sense that Hollywood doesn’t quite understand this medium of ours—and there are so many failed game-to-movie adaptations in the rear view that it’s hard to take a new one ser