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PC Gamer (US Edition)2 min de lecture
“In The Highest Building In The World, I Was Well Out Of My Depth”
And it was all going so well, too. I didn’t expect my first foray into the stealthy, outfit-swapping world of Hitman to be so composed as a beginner assassin, but while I’m surprised at the decent start I made to life as Agent 47, I was devastated to
PC Gamer (US Edition)1 min de lecture
Party On
Soldier, hero, nice guy, handy with a blaster. Assassin droid who despises all organic life. Powerful Jedi, knows her way around the Force. Tough-willed teenage Twi’lek with an attitude. Cranky Mandalorian with a very large gun. Wry old Jedi who stra
PC Gamer (US Edition)2 min de lecture
“The Land We’d Reclaimed From The Wilderness Began To Resemble A Home”
Above the noise of voice chat, I hear the tell-tale buzzing sound a moment before I see what it’s coming from. Despite that momentary warning, I barely have time to react before I’m skewered through the back by a roided-up mosquito. It’s the latest i