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The ( FAKE ) Songs of Summer

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST premieres on Netflix June 26.

EVERY YEAR SINCE 1956, usually in May, the nations of Europe have gathered to determine which of them has the most exuberantly kitschy, delightfully overproduced infectious pop song. In 2019, 41 countries competed, including Azerbaijan, Russia, and even Australia, and around 180 million viewers watched the televised contest, but most Americans don’t know much about it. This spring was to be your chance to understand what all those electronic drumbeats mean: starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as a hapless Icelandic singing duo, was supposed to open theatrically in late May to coincide with the actual event. But with Eurovision itself canceled, the movie not only has to stand on its own (on Netflix); it might just have to stand in for the real thing, because the music—ridiculous and catchy in equal measure—is arguably just as

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