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The shops are closed. You’ve scoured the web, clicking hopefully, endlessly, but you’re forever thwarted. It’s no use. No matter where you look, you can’t find any dumbbells. Goddamnit. You were supposed to get ripped during lockdown! You let out a piercing shriek, setting off a nearby car alarm. You can feel your muscles wasting away. You begin to weep. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Then, over the wind, carried by the soft summer breeze, you hear two words: band training. If you’ve never considered resistance band training, let this

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Keep them out of the house. They exist to be irresistible. Stick to whole foods where possible. Shakes are fine, but mix it up and hit your daily target with meat, fish and dairy as well as plant-based protein. Craving savoury foods? You need protein
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Even if gyms have re-opened, you might not feel comfortable or willing to return to your usual lifting haunt just yet. In which case, you need versatile and accessible training options to bring the workout to you. Resistance bands bridge the gap perf
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Just when you thought you’d waved goodbye to Brussels sprouts for another year, recent research suggests it’s worth keeping them on the table for more than festive feasts. Italian researchers found that the neglected veg can help muscles repair and g