In a Garden Lives Hope, Always

you come home with a new plant and give it a good home in your ground you perform an act of faith for a better future. When you move a struggling perennial from here to there, likewise. In your basement late in winter, you plant tomato seeds with eager anticipation of many

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Out Of Thin Air
If a plant is completely out-of-control big, you can use a propagation technique called air layering to create a new, smaller version. This method is especially handy for schefflera, citrus plants, dragon tree (Dracaena marginata), croton, swiss chee
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The Layers of Lyndhurst
Just 25 miles north of New York City stands Lyndhurst, an elaborate mansion overlooking the Hudson River. Its landscape, now in the midst of restoration, is a remarkable example of American garden styles from the pre-Civil War era to the 1940s. Held
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5 Favorite Plants For Subtropical Gardens
Native to south Florida and listed as endangered by the state, this slow-growing palm is highly tolerant of wind and salt spray and can withstand brief saltwater surges. Its beauty lies in three-foot fanlike leaves and feathery white flowers. Full su