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unexpected friends Molly, Raz and Violet

“three’s a crowd” never visited Plumlee Farms in Green

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All Creatures1 min de lecture
Color Me!
FUN FACTS: Meerkats rotate roles within their group, or “mob.” The hunter forages for food, its crescent-shaped ears keeping out sand and dirt while it digs; the baby sitter cleans the den and protects the pups; and the sentry stands on high ground o
All Creatures2 min de lecture
Keeper Of The Sparrow
I happened to look up from my dusting just as a sparrow smacked into the window and fell, stunned. We had recently repositioned our ficus tree in front of the window to get more sunlight. Could the bird have been aiming for it? Please, God, let him b
All Creatures1 min de lecture
Why We Love…
RETIRED POLICE chief Barbara Higgins now has the time for a hobby she’s always loved: watching birds. But she is not just hoping to catch a glimpse as they fly by; she’s also inviting them to visit with a unique feeding station outside her Springfiel