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Satnav speed camera alerts outlawed in Germany

Germany's Road Traffic Regulations now prohibit the use of all devices which alert road users of the location of

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Motorcycle Batteries
Looked after properly, a regular motorcycle battery should last between 4-5 years. Electricity is generated from a chemical reaction between electrolyte and lead plates. Gradually the acid forms crystals around the lead plates, reducing capacity and
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Insider Information
Most hotels and guest houses allow you to bring your bike into a safe storage location. Generally a garage, etc. On more than one occasion it has been known to be a hotel foyer. July and August is incredibly hot. The hottest areas are the interior an
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Norfolk Loop
This day ride starts in the beautiful market town of Reepham. Ahead of us is an enjoyable route of a tad over 90 miles. It could be done in under three hours with little effort, but there’s so much to enjoy it would be silly to rush – give yourself a