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1 Pop Over for a Snack

he name is just as intriguing as the taste: are a guiltfree superfood snack. An integral part of Ayurveda, these pearls of nature are crunchy with an airy quality (think and

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Vegan “Cheese”
I’m not a fan of vegan “substitutes” such as vegan cheese or vegan pizza. For some reason, many vegan “substitute” foods are made with horrible ingredients and lots of chemicals. (Try reading the ingredient list on a vegan pizza—if you dare!) But thi
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Summer Essentials
Summer isn’t always carefree. Playing outside is fraught with hazards such as bites, burns, allergies, and sprains. And motion sickness can put a serious damper on summer travel. This year, prepare yourself for the season by stocking a small zippered
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Does Extreme Exercise Enhance Immune Defenses?
It’s well known that moderate exercise enhances the performance of the immune system and improves resistance to infection. But because athletes can suffer more respiratory infections after events such as marathons, it isn’t clear whether extreme comp