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Weigh yourself twice a day for superior weight loss, says(Flatiron Books). Regular self-weighing is considered crucial for long-term weight control. His recommendation is based on one study that found that twice-daily weigh-ins — upon waking and right before bed — appeared superior to weighing once a day (about 6 versus 2 pounds of weight loss over 12 weeks). Greger’s comprehensive weight-loss plan encourages daily exercise and eating plenty of beans, berries, other fruits, vegetables, flaxseeds, nuts and seeds, spices, whole grains, and drinks.

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Your Health
What’s a good late-night bite for better sleep? Janis Chapman, Asheville, North Carolina First, here’s what not to do: Nosh on those leftover buffalo wings drenched in hot sauce right before bed. “Spicy and fried foods tax the digestive system and ma
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You Holiday ’ll Never Ads See Again
In mid-century America, men (supposedly) ruled the roost but were frequently portrayed in ads as juvenile, no different from the pint-sized gunslingers at right. Ideal gifts for the high priestess of home and earth? Why, more cherished tools of her
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Celebrating Holidays in Hard Times
With misery and death all about us, what right has anybody to pay attention to Christmas? Fortunately, the overwhelming majority always rejects this view, and people go on cheerfully observing Christmas in the most dreary circumstances. People withou