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Webinar: Tongue Ties and Tight Nosebands

oseband tightness in competition is a hot topic that is high on Equestrian Canada‘s agenda. They recently invited Professor Paul McGreevy to present a case for reviewing

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Horses and People7 min de lecture
Impact of Birth Trauma on Performance and Welfare, Part 1 Help! My horse is girthy, crooked and has uneven front hooves… What can I do? A desire to solve this problematic trio is one of the most common reasons owners decide to seek some form of body therapy for their horse. After treati
Horses and People5 min de lecture
Georgina is an art historian who has published extensively on the domestic interior. Her books include Domestic Interiors: Representing Home from the Victorians to the Moderns, (2013) and Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media
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Life Lessons
On our cover this issue we feature Hanna Rush and her Quarter Horse gelding Triandibo Roc n Lynx, also known as Dougie. The pair were photographed by Louise Sedgman as part of the Sweet Teen Project, an initiative to fundraise for Headspace Australia