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Shane Black Movies
Chris: For me, Shane Black is Hollywood’s finest purveyor of pulp this side of Quentin Tarantino, and maybe even beyond Tarantino. But why are we ranking his films now? ’Cos we’ve just had Christmas, and Christmas plays a huge part in a lot of Shane
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The Mandalorian: Season 2
OUT NOW (DISNEY+) EPISODES VIEWED 2 OF 8 DIRECTORS Jon Favreau, Peyton Reed CAST Pedro Pascal, Timothy Olyphant PLOT Entrusted with returning his ward, The Child, to a group known as the Jedi, The Mandalorian (Pascal) starts scouring the galaxy for
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He Hanks them on the beaches, he Hanks them on the landing grounds, he Hanks them in the fields and in the streets. And he never surrenders. HANKRANK: 10/10 Houston, we have a template for the Tom Hanks Is An Everyman Captain Thrown Into Extraordina