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Easier-to-Install Air Conditioners Have Arrived

THE RESIDENTIAL AIR-CONDITIONING industry has long been dominated by appliance bigwigs like Frigidaire, GE, and LG. Their window units, recognizable to, , and , have come to the market with polished designs that would fit in easily beside a Quip toothbrush and an Away suitcase. These companies are focusing entirely on air conditioning, attempting to fine-tune the process with easier installation, better aesthetics, lower prices, less energy usage (a boon with the power grid expected to be strained this summer), and lower utility bills. We tested July (from $349 at and found it easy to install (it’s as simple as closing your window around a frame and sliding in the 50-pound air conditioner until it locks with a click). The whole, unusually secure-feeling business takes less than 15 minutes. Cooling arrives quickly, too: Ten minutes after turning it on, the room becomes vastly more bearable.

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