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Rocket Jump

ames don’t come more casual than this. It’s free to download, easily played with one finger and instead

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Essential Apple User Magazine3 min de lectureComputers
Excellent iPad Apps
The best long-form writing word processor there is. Ever thought of writing a novel? Or a screenplay? Or even a large magazine feature? If so, Scrivener is the app for you. As well as having all the tools you need to write your masterpiece, it also h
Essential Apple User Magazine1 min de lectureComputers
The IPad Family
In the Autumn of 2020, Apple lifted the lid on two brand new iPads; the fourth generation of the popular iPad Air and the eighth generation of the regular iPad. The new tablets joined Apple’s iPad Pro and iPad mini, two models that weren’t updated bu
Essential Apple User Magazine2 min de lectureComputers
New Emojis In IPadOS 14.2
Go to Settings > Passwords, and use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your password database. There’s an option called Security Recommendations. Tap this and you’re shown a list of all the passwords you use which may be vulnerable or compromised. Tap on