Each day of The Namib100 has a unique charm and a much wider variety of landscapes than you could imagine. You’ll see thousands of birds and seals, jackals and maybe even gemsbok and brown hyenas. You’ll hike off the grid, away from civilization, deep into the dunes, and you’ll camp wild under a blanket of stars.

The daily distances are long, but the hiking isn’t technical. You’ll feel like the last people on earth…

The Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts on earth and seems totally devoid

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The Journey To Sesmylspruit
The movers would arrive on Monday to pack up. They’d load the truck on Tuesday and depart on Wednesday. The curtains had been taken down and the windows stared at me like the milky eyes of the blind. The ornaments were wrapped up and the furniture wa
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Hot Off The Press!
If your home office needs a little “something”to inspire you to get behind the desk, look no further than a Wild Africa poster print, the latest in a series of designs by Hermanus-based illustrator Duncan Butchart. Using data from the United Nations’
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Africa At Its Best
When the Covid-19 lockdown was announced in March 2020, everything basically ground to a halt. Everything to do with humans, that is… Animals made the most of the lull by coming out in greater numbers, maybe curious about the global pause in car traf