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Leonardo da Vinci. He was a universal genius, the father of science, art and design, who made many discoveries in both anatomy and Nature and who conceptualised future

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Country Life3 min de lecture
The Flower With The Heart Of A Lion
AS the daffodils fade, their golden crown is passed to another bloom that bursts through cracks in pavements and luxuriates on lawns. The dazzling yellow mop heads of dandelions might not always be welcome, but their cheery loveliness cannot be denie
Country Life1 min de lecture
Save The Dawn Chorus
ANEW conservation campaign is harnessing technology to help save songbirds, numbers of which have plummeted in the past 50 years. In a bid to reverse the trend, Songbird Survival launched ‘what3birds?’, an initiative that calls on the public to spot
Country Life3 min de lecture
Town, Gown And Country
WINCHESTER is a city of history, mystery and intrigue, as well as extraordinary beauty, character and historic survivals: there is little post-war vandalism and, in every nook and cranny, an ancient building lives on. Living on, too, are legends, whe