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W ell, what a ride the past quarter has been for New

Zealand business!

I’m in absolute awe over the way the business community has swivelled, pivoted and managed its way

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NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecture
One Way To Get New Zealand Working And Playing More
When we first heard about the four-day work week, BioGro thought we could do something fairer [too] and so our board and management came up with a new idea. The Time Warp. We started a quiet revolution two years ago, by giving employees what we call
NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecture
Taking A Lesson From Estee Lauder
Former Estee Lauder CEO, Leonard Lauder, created the famous “Lipstick Index” as an economic barometer in the recession the world began facing in the early 2000s. He cited that women would spend on smaller items such as lipstick and beauty products wh
NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecturePsychology
Plussing In Times Of Pandemic “Yes And…”
In the past few months, much of the world has made a great global pivot. Almost everything we’ve taken for granted as safe and familiar has shifted. Virtually overnight, we’ve moved from meeting in rooms to meeting on Zoom, from office-based work to