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When we first heard about the four-day work week, BioGro thought we could do something fairer [too] and so our board and management came up with a new idea. The Time Warp. We started a quiet revolution two years ago, by giving employees what we call a time bonus or a time warp (or time wrap as some call it, it

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NZBusiness and Management1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
How Wireless Transmission Benefits Our Planet
• It speeds the uptake of sustainable energies by deploying transmission infrastructure relatively quickly and cheaply (for example, from offshore windfarms). • Resembling solar panels and consisting of two antennas (transmitter and receiver), it kee
NZBusiness and Management5 min de lectureSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
Full Beam Ahead
There were two thoughts that came to mind when Greg Kushnir and his company’s wireless power transmission technology was all over the media earlier this year. Is it safe? And, why does it sound so much like science fiction? After spending an hour wit
NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecture
Still Thriving After 28 Years
Bartercard NZ is celebrating its 28th birthday this year and despite the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the economic challenges the country is facing, the trade exchange continues to prove its worth as an alternative virtual currency. Founded in 199