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The Great River Road

A few years ago my family, knowing my fondness for driving, gave me the book Unforgettable Road Trips: Thirty-Six Drives of a Lifetime by Martin Derrick. Most of the road trips listed take less than a day in places like Scotland, Monaco, and Australia, plus one in New Zealand. Most of these places were too far to go just for a short drive but four of them would take several days. My interest was piqued, and those four drives were added to the bucket list. To date, I have done three of them: Route 66 (US, 21 days), State Highway 6 (New Zealand, 10 days), and the ‘Great River Road’ (US, 22 days). You can drive all of them in less time, but you could also fly over them. We wanted a decent immersion in their charms.

The ‘great river’ referred to is the Mississippi. While the name conjures the Deep South, the river actually starts at the bottom of

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