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Secrets Of A super-ager
Gladys Phillips is 100 years old and not slowing down. Daily walks with her grandchildren, weekly physio and regular social outings keep her feeling young. Still being able to touch her toes makes her legendary. “Until I was 60, I owned a shop and wo
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The Governess
The train rattled down the country, stopping and starting, always in the worst areas of every town. Durham. York. Leeds. Doncaster. The factory chimneys and rows of blackened terraces all looked the same. So many poor people, Marion thought. And here
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This Way To A Waste-free Mind
The first step in this journey is acceptance that we should aim for effort, not perfection. Let’s begin by loosening our grip on the ‘perfect’ way to live a zero waste life and accept that making an effort in everything that we do all adds up to a bi