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DAVID KAMMERZELL says it all started with a painting titled YOUR HUCKLEBERRY. Next came a cowboy named Buck, followed by TWO GUN TOM. These three paintings are examples of some playful new works by the Colorado-based artist. They share an intriguing design element that he hadn’t used before: Each cowboy wears a shirt in the same pattern as the painting’s background. The resulting effect lends wit, as well as a slightly surreal, almost ghostlike touch, to the pieces. In sharp contrast to the rough-hewn image of cowboys, the backgrounds are a delicate, almost floral design. “I’ve always liked the idea of putting things together that are contrasting, like scruffy cowboys with your grandmother’s wallpaper,” Kammerzell says.

The juxtaposition speaks to the artist’s trademark sense of humor and quirkiness that’s sprinkled throughout his body of work. Observers often describe Kammerzell’s style as cowboy pop or contemporary nostalgia. “I want to create visually

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Russell Chatham
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Slice of Life
A BIKER pedals down a narrow lane, wedged between an oncoming trolley car and a bus. In his left hand he balances an umbrella. It’s a rainy day in downtown San Francisco—puddles, soggy streets, and other vehicles are all shrouded in cool gray light.