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Indeed, the fuse is lit as early as the opening scenes, during which even the commonplace activities of a daily routine feel infused with a sense of unease, if not dread. George (Kevin Costner) and Margaret Blackledge (Diane Lane) appear at ease with each other in the kitchen of their 1950s Montana farmhouse, tending to morning chores. But there is unmistakable tension between Margaret and Lorna (Kayli Carter), her daughter-in-law, whom she criticizes for being insufficiently attentive to her infant son, Margaret’s grandson. And while their son, James (Ryan Bruce), seems confident and competent as he sets out on a ride around their spread, Margaret and George immediately fear the worst when his horse returns without him. Sure enough, when George rides out to find him, he finds his son dead, the result of a tragic accident.

Flash forward three years or so. Lorna marries Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain), a seemingly rootless fellow who obviously doesn’t impress George and Margaret. Still, the Blackledges do their best to remain on good terms with the younger couple, if only for the sake of their grandson. Even when Margaret sees Donnie mistreating little Jimmy (played alternately by Bram and Otto Hornung) and striking Lorna, she says nothing to George — who, not incidentally, just happens to be a retired sheriff.

But then comes the day when Donnie, Lorna, and Jimmy move out of their apartment without alerting the Blackledges and head off to points unknown. At first, George responds with typical stoicism: “Sometimes that’s all life is, Margaret. A list of what we’ve lost.” But Margaret won’t be appeased so easily. One way or another, with George’s help or not, she will pursue the younger couple and reunite with her grandson.

Keep this in mind: All of what you’ve just read is simply the setup for , a gripping drama

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