The Paris Review


Cover: courtesy of Francesca Colussi. Pages 40–69, courtesy of Robert Hass; page 70, © 1998 by Fred Viebahn; page 73, © 1996 by Jock McDonald; page 77, © 2007 by Miriam Berkley; pages 106–23, courtesy of Francesca Colussi; pages 124, 139, courtesy of the Allen Ginsberg Estate; pages 176–201, courtesy of Margaret Jull Costa; page 206, © Gary Doak/Alamy Stock Photo.

Special thanks to Didi Chang-Park and Jordan Karnes for their help with the transcription of Robert Hass, “The Art of Poetry No. 108.”

Allen Ginsberg’s “Denver to Montana Beginning 27 May 72” is published with permission of the Allen Ginsberg Estate, with final editing by David Cope and Jim Cohn, and supplemental queries by Michael Schumacher. It will appear in , edited by Michael Schumacher (University of Minnesota Press). The poem was translated and first appeared in 1992 as part of the text in a limited edition, (Paris: Editions du Solstice, 1992) with cover illustration and etchings

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