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Clay Shooting1 min de lecture
Tech Spec
MAKE Beretta MODEL A400 Xcel Sporting BARRELS Steelium, 28, 30 or 32 ins CHAMBER 3ins RIB Raised ventilated on this model, others available SAFETY Non-auto, push-through type in trigger guard STOCK 13¾ins on gun tested, with optional Kick-Off b
Clay Shooting6 min de lecture
Blinking Good!
Semi-auto shotguns are not everyone’s taste. They clunk, they clang, and they eject the empty shells everywhere. On the plus side, however, they are really quite pointable and relatively easy to use – I even have one myself! Mine is an old Beretta Te
Clay Shooting5 min de lecture
Taming That Affectionate Punch
Felt recoil is more of an issue now than ever because the vogue for long-range Sporting targets has seen the popularity of powerful, high velocity shells explode. Put 28g of lead down your barrels at 1500fps and, believe us, you’re going to feel it.