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Pre-school at home YOU CAN DO IT!

You made the decision to homeschool your pre-schooler, and then googled (of course you did!) “homeschool” and “pre-school”, and were met with a flood of websites, images and ideas.

It can feel completely daunting and scary. Maybe you will be struck by three things (like I was…).

First, that there is an overwhelming number of websites with ideas and advice on how to do this. Second, not very many of them actually give a formal curriculum or programme for homeschooling a preschooler, especially if you don’t want your toddler glued to a device all day (but there are lots for Grades R and up). Last, there are even fewer that are South African focused... but there are some. We gathered a list of those that we hope will get you started and inspired.


There are a couple of() even offers a six-week “starting homeschooling’” webinar course aimed at parents, presented by Shirley Erwee, who educated all six of her children at home, and is now a homeschooling activist and materials developer.

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