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The ‘Psychologies’- endorsed ‘Find a coach’ directory, with Barefoot  Coaching, provides a choice of top coaches, all with postgraduate training accredited by the University of Chester and the International Coach Federation. Find a coach who suits you

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Mindful Health Club
1 The contentment system’s function is activated when we feel secure and happy – when we are not chasing achievements or feeling threatened. The emotions connected to this emotional system are peace and fulfilment. 2 If you consider the three syste
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We Love Yoga
Splits pose is the physical manifestation of a leap of faith, named after the monkey god, Hanuman, who leaped from India to Sri Lanka to save Sita. Its sister pose, half-splits, is an intense and transformational pose that works wonders for tight ham
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Mindful Wellness
Sometimes, it can feel as if life is out of balance: too much work, not enough play; too much worry, not enough peace; too much doing, not enough being. Mindfulness can help us spend less time doing, achieving and self-protecting and more time restin