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EACH time we are invited to work with a village community to build affordable homes, we can almost guarantee three types of reaction. There will be those who see the value in and need for homes to help local people and secure a boost for the community. A second group will noisily oppose building anything, convinced that even a handful of well-designed homes will be a visual blight, cause environmental and social

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Country Life4 min de lectureArchitecture
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THE 100-yard double borders at Thenford have the characteristics of a carefully prepared concept from an original idea. Certainly, there would have been much to be said for such a professional approach. Fortunately, for those of us who are amateurs,
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I LOVE cistus. I know that sounds like one of those graffiti declarations you see on walls, but it’s true. I associate them, above all, with Mediterranean gardens and Mediterranean travels. One year in May, I drove through Portugal’s Alentejo, an emp
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Country Life
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