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The new farming frontier

THE sleepy, unspoilt parish of Edgmond, which includes the hamlets of Adney, Calvington, Caynton, The Buttery, Edgmond Marsh and Sidlington (‘total population 2,062’, according to the latest census), lies on the edge of the fertile north Shropshire plain—rich, lush land that stretches away flat in every direction.

Apart from a slight disturbance in 1066, when a Saxon called Leuuin was forced to hand it over to Roger de Montgomery, a rumour that Ozzy Osbourne was living on the High Street during the 1970s and having the lowest temperature weather ever recorded in England (in 1982), it’s fair to say that not much has happened in the area since

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Letters To The Editor
BEFORE the compulsory housing measures for poultry, this hen settled down in front of the fire every day (‘Rock around the cluck’, March 31). She also helped herself to any biscuits or cake left on the kitchen table. Come December 14, she was outrage
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Horticultural Aide-mémoire
Where one snowdrop is planted, three will grow next year. It follows that a group will increase rapidly and that periodic replanting will give grand effects. Now is a good time, when the flowers are over, but the leaves are in full vigour. Carefully
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Pick Of The Week
The one fair that I got to after March last year was the postponed Petworth Park event in West Sussex, which took place in beautiful September weather. We should not have to wait a full year for the next incarnation, as it returns to its marquee on M