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The strap line of the Musicians’ Union logo proudly proclaims ‘Keep Music Live’? However, I might suggest that you have not experienced the oxymoronically rich phrase, ‘Light Entertainment’. On a good day, it’s a painless way to earn a living, after you’ve filtered out the 12-hour shift, the endless rehearsal and the tension of the performance itself. But that’s why you’re paid the medium bucks. No, my friends. It’s what occurs when it’s very far from alright on the night that evokes less than favourable comparison with the horror of war, or the fear

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Guitar Techniques10 min de lecture
WHACKA-CHACKA-WAH! Get The Most From Your Pedal
The wah-wah pedal is perhaps the most ubiquitous of all effects pedals, having been around since its invention in the mid 1960s. The original model emerged in 1966 under the Vox banner. Endorsed by jazz trumpeter Clyde McCoy (hence Fulltone’s ‘Clyde’
Guitar Techniques1 min de lecture
HOW TO Find All The Notes On The Fretboard
Many guitarists struggle to know which note is at what fret on the guitar. This is vital if you are to get on as a player - especially when it comes to reading, transposing to different keys, or interacting with other musicians. Here are the notes at
Guitar Techniques2 min de lecture
Deep Purple
One of the most highly respected of all rock bands, Deep Purple is seen by many as a pioneer of heavy metal. Formed in 1968 in Hertfordshire the most iconic line up comprised founders Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan (vocals) and Jon Lord (organ), plus