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’ve enjoyed Marcus Padley’s rollicking June and July columns very much. The generosity of his advice-giving seems to know no bounds. Far be it from me to accuse him of hubris, but there was precious little in his July column

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Your question very much reflects the world we live in, Nathan. Your situation is typical of the work environment that has developed over the past couple of decades. The good news, though, is that this presents some powerful wealth-creation opportunit
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Best-value Super Platforms
For a low fee you can have more control over where your savings are invested For those who want to exercise a greater choice in where their super is invested, platforms provide a range of investment managers and funds for allocating their savings.
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Buying a home is likely to be your biggest investment, so why not try to make some extra money from it, especially if cash is tight. Maybe work is scarce because of the fallout from Covid-19 lockdowns. If you have a spare room, you can turn this unus