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Thank you for the excellent magazine. I called at a local shop today and the owner is a mate of mine, it’s an ironmongers called ‘Lock, Stock & Barrel’ – he knows of my interest in older things and let me borrow this book – hopefully, the photos I’ve copied from it may be of some interest to you and your readers, sorry for the possible lack of image quality but it was the best I could do.


‘ Living the Dream’, March 2020, the article on Dave Watson’s excellent Dodge K1050 four-wheel tipper evoked memories and the image of Cunmont Quarry weighbridge took me back

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When running in articulated form, Geoff Johnson’s 1977 (HH2), was normally coupled up to this Nicolas modular semi-trailer. It proved quite a versatile outfit and is seen on 22nd July 1984 handling this impressive tank heading for Teesport. ■
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The Trucks To Preserve Now
Ten years ago, I presented a list of trucks that people should possibly consider to seek to preserve. The vehicles were all still – just about – available on the second-hand market, or from dealers and recoverable from yards, but now is the time to r
Heritage Commercials11 min de lecture
When ‘Sal’ Came North
Tuesday 8th March 1983 was a good day – well for me anyway. You might have used the expression ‘Red Letter Day’ or perhaps referred to being so happy that you ‘Felt like a dog with two tails.’ Or perhaps you felt so fortunate about something you may