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At last year’s Plein Air Convention & Expo, Richard McKinley gave a presentation, “Why Pastels Are Perfect for Plein Air.” I was only able to sit in for a few minutes to hear him talk, but the theme resonated with me and sparked the idea for a series of articles for the magazine.

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PleinAir Magazine4 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Shedding Light On Light Sensitivity
Aye, matey!” It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my tendency to close my left eye tightly on a bright day had prompted the occasional childhood taunt. My generation didn’t wear sunglasses as kids, so I was always battling sun glare with what
PleinAir Magazine2 min de lectureChemistry
Benefits Of Water-mixables
There is no need for solvent. Simply use water as your “solvent” to thin the water-mixable paints and for cleanup. You can tone your canvas, wipe areas out, or create a “watercolor” thin under-painting. Solvents are not healthy, as all have a warning
PleinAir Magazine1 min de lecture
DEMONSTRATION: Water-Mixable Oils in Action
After determining the crop of her subject, Beth Bathe mixes a thin wash of raw umber (Cobra water-mixable oil) and water. She uses an old 1 1/2-inch chip brush to block in large masses on her prepared gesso board covered with a light coating of water