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If there was a training or a course that you could sign up for, which would teach you how to be the perfect mum, you’d find me recommending that every expectant mum go through it! But truth be told, there really is nothing in this world that can prepare you for this rollercoaster that you are going to embark on. There are some things that you can keep in mind though, and its best to begin when you see those two little lines on the pee stick or get a confirmation that your

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Mother & Baby India3 min de lectureMedical
In The ‘Prick’ Of Health
WHY IS IMMUNISATION IMPORTANT? A child is born with poor immunity as compared to an adult, and is prone to a whole lot of diseases, caused by bacteria and viruses. Immunisation assures that your child gets protection and is prevented from suffering
Mother & Baby India3 min de lecture
Working mums 101
As a working mother, you may feel an enormous burden to make time for your child, not realising that it is day-to-day tasks that offer the best opportunities to create natural moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Simply reading a story to
Mother & Baby India1 min de lecture
On The Move
• Carry nasal drops for your baby when travelling by air. Administering nose drops half an hour before a flight can help to ease the baby’s discomfort by keeping the ears clear. • If your child is prone to convulsions, remember to carry the supposito