Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise?

My family’s century farm is located about 20 minutes northwest of Stratford, Ontario. We own 150 acres and a farm with my uncle down the road (my dad’s homestead, where he grew up), with a combined total of 250 acres. We raise beef cattle and grow crops, including mixed grain, corn, hay and pasture fields. The crops we grow on our farm feed

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Raise the Roof!
When we look at century-old barns in Ontario, it’s a wonder how they built these massive structures without any kind of modern machinery we take for granted today. Well, they did, with just hand tools, rope, horses and community strength, especially
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Barn Birds
These are the most widespread species of swallow in the world. They commonly reside it the rafters co' barns. They make cup-shaped nests of mud and grass. which they attach to a wall or ledge. With a nice flying swoop they feed on flying insects. B
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Cold Crops
We are thinking about food a lot lately. Every time we go out into the garden, we are reminded that the food that we grew with such pride through the summer is melting away into pockets of rot. When Thanksgiving has passed, we are here to tell you th