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Animal Magic
So many of us check the star signs of any prospective partners before we agree to go on a date with them – just to see if we’re compatible. But do you do that before you get a new pet? Do you even know your pet’s star sign? After all, they’re just as
Chat It's Fate2 min de lectureBody, Mind, & Spirit
Close Encounters
I was keen to make further contact with aliens, so I downloaded an app called CE5 Contact. It was created by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s authorities on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, and provided instructions and tools to help peopl
Chat It's Fate3 min de lecturePsychology
See Your Aura
I would love to know how my life’s journey may possibly progress Lynette, 68, Essex Your spirit guide is a woman called Emilie who was born in Sweden but worked in Britain at the turn of the 20th century. During her lifetime she was an animal rights