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A pandemic’s knock-it-off effect on war

The fury of the pandemic, said António Guterres last March, “illustrates the folly of war.” Five months on, the words of the United Nations secretary-general have proved only partly right. World peace has yet to break out. But peace is

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In Midwest, Trump’s ‘Law And Order’ Message Wins Some, Loses Others
If President Donald Trump’s portrayal of himself as the avatar of “law and order” is going to help him at the 2020 ballot box anywhere, it might be here in the key swing states of the Upper Midwest. The target for the president’s tough message is whi
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Despite Pandemic, Three LA College Students Pursue Their Dreams
With plans derailed by COVID-19, students are drawing on reserves of resilience. Meet three who are doing what it takes to complete their degrees.
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History Brought To Life: Jordanians Take A Ride On The Hejaz
For Jordanians needing to escape, there’s a solution: taking a ride on the Ottoman-era Hejaz Railway. It’s more fun than a history book.