History of War


Writer: Stuart Hadaway Publisher: Shire Publications Price: £8.99

Anyone familiar with Shire Publications will know what to expect from this slim volume. British Airfields of the Second

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History of War1 min de lecture
Having lost at the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon fled, eventually reaching the port of Rochefort. Napoleon embarks the HMS Bellerophon, hoping to settle quietly in Britain. On 31 July 1815, he learns that his final destination is St Helena. The ex-Emp
History of War4 min de lecture
Comet A34
Borrowed from the preceding Cromwell, the Comet hull was stretched to accommodate a larger turret ring along with its crew of five. The hull was welded in a low configuration to minimise the overall height of the vehicle. Vickers-Armstrong reconfigur
History of War4 min de lectureHistory (Religion)
Until Afonso, Portugal was territorially split between a Christian county that owed allegiance to Castile-León and the Muslim Almoravid dynasty. Afonso’s own maternal grandfather was Alfonso VI of Castile-León and he became count of Portugal as a chi