Good Organic Gardening


After years of devastatingly hot summers and drought, I had to let my food garden go. We’re on tank water and simply couldn’t keep the moisture up.

Beds dried out and unwanted plants I’d spent countless hours weeding over the years finally took over. The fence collapsed under the weight of weedy vines and rotted. I knew it wasn’t going to be easily retrieved.

The demise of the food garden was sad and coincided with losing both my parents within a couple of years of each other. In deep grief, I ran out of puff and enthusiasm for gardening.

I made that first food garden over 18 years ago when we moved from Sydney to our five-acre property, Forest of Friends, in NSW’s Northern Rivers. I started out with lots of energy and enthusiasm but little experience of the seasons

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Good Organic Gardening1 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
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