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Nothing expresses warmth and timelessness like wood. And furniture made of it can last for generations. Since wood comes from trees and trees need space to grow, you don’t necessarily think of Singapore as a timber producer. But Singapore does produce tree logs, albeit unintentionally. However, these are cut fresh and so have limited peak times before they rot.

They are usually byproducts of our insatiable developments and city-in-a-garden vision, with parks built all over the island and connected by a network to create one large, lush garden.

Local timbers are resilient tropical hardwoods to boot, and include angsana, tembusu, rain tree and African mahogany. But, being a thoroughly urban city, Singapore has a preference for importing wood and lacks infrastructure to process tree logs into usable forms.

As a result, there are multiple sawmills in Singapore with stockpiles of abandoned logs. “More than 100 arrive each day, with no immediate purpose other than to be turned into wood chips or shipping pallets someday,” share Morgan, Lincoln and Ryan Yeo, the founders of Roger&Sons. Around 15,000 more trees are slated to be felled over the next 15 years.

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